2020/05/28 INFORMATION  

From Friday May 29th on the official LUNA SEA YouTube channel they will release one full length music video for 30 days from the 30 years of their music history.

2020/05/28 INFORMATION  

In response to a call from LUNA SEA, "MUSIC AID FEST. FOR POST PANDEMIC" festival will be held on SKY PerfecTV[...]

2020/04/29 RELEASE  

The postponed release of "MobileSuit GUNDAM - 40th Anniversary Album -BEYOND-" is now available on music downl[...]

2020/04/28 RELEASE  

LUNA SEA’s newest song, “Make a vow,” is released globally on music subscription services from midnight on 4/2[...]


Including theme songs by LUNA SEA, the album will be out on April 29th. Album over and CM with 40th anniversar[...]

2020/02/20 RELEASE  

As a part of Mobile Suit Gundam 40th anniversary project, “Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Album -BEYOND-” will be released on April 29th.

2020/02/13 LIVE  

LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary -CROSS THE UNIVERSE-GRAND FINALMay 29th,2020 Opens 17:30 / Starts 18:30May [...]

2020/01/31 RELEASE  

From the latest album “CROSS”, “THE BEYOND”, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 40th Anniversary Project" theme song, will be released as special-packaged single.With “ LUNA SEA exclusive Zaku Il” Original Gunpla,  limited press edition will be released on April 29th.